Secular Charities

Theists often state that atheists can not be moral people without their god(s). In stark contrast to this opinion atheists give millions of dollars each year to secular charities. Here is a list of secular charities you might consider donating to if you have a little extra to give.

We may not be the most important organization of the list but we are in need of funds in order to achieve our goals. Items like banners, booth materials, a folding table, a projector for presentations, office supplies, post office box rental, and fees for speakers are needed. If you are not a dues paying member, please consider becoming one in order to help us purchase supplies. If you can give a little extra, please consider doing so in order to help us achieve our goals. Once we we meet the needs of  our operating costs, we will be looking for ways to give to the community in the name of LFS as well.


Constantly at the top of the lists for charity efficiency, Direct Relief International provides medical assistance to improve the quality of life for people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest at home and around the world. Direct Relief works to support the work of healthcare providers in more than 70 countries, equipping them with the medicines, supplies, and equipment so they can care for their patients. Direct Relief was established in 1948 and is nonsectarian, nongovernmental, and apolitical. All the programs are provided in a non-discriminatory manner, without regard to political affiliation, religious belief, or ethnic identity. 100% of the money you donate to DRI goes directly towards helping people. This is my favorite secular charity.

Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. 100% of every dollar you lend on Kiva goes directly towards funding loans; Kiva does not take a cut. Furthermore, Kiva does not charge interest to our Field Partners, who administer the loans.Learn more about how it works.

Foundation Beyond Belief‘s mission is to demonstrate humanism at its best by supporting efforts to improve this world and this life, and to challenge humanists to embody the highest principles of humanism, including mutual care and responsibility. FBB a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation created to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanist generosity and compassion. We select and feature ten charitable organizations per quarter, one in each of the following cause areas: Health, Education, Poverty, Environment, Children, Human Rights, Animals, Peace, Challenge the Gap (charities based in other worldviews), and Foundation Beyond Belief itself




Didn’t see your favorite secular charity on the list? Let us know and we’ll consider adding it.

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