March 28th, Adopt-A-Highway – Lancaster Freethought Society Adopts a Highway!

If you are very alert while driving around Lancaster, this will not be news. If you’ve been following the application updates at meetings over the past year or so, this is a wonderful announcement.


PA-222 & PA-30

PA-222 & PA-30

We’ve been looking for an ongoing community-based service project. Adopt-a-Highway programs are well known and in nearly every state. Local groups (Scouting troops, Chambers of Commerce, Rotatory club or your friendly neighborhood gathering of reality enthusiasts) pick up little along a section of road or highway interchange and in exchange get that group’s name on a sign by the road.

Our piece of road is the interchange at PA-222 and PA-30. Pennsylvania’s  version of Adopt-a-Highway operates in 2 year terms. So as long as we do our required four clean ups a year, and I do the paperwork with PennDOT. Then the sign will look like that for the next two years. This is where we need YOU!

Having a good turnout of volunteers is vital. More hands to share the work. More people, more fun. Lancaster Freethought Society was founded to build community. This is a great chance to get out, talk with people like you and get a little exercise to burn off the Pub Night calories.

The first pick-up is scheduled for Saturday March 28th, we’ll meet up about 11am near the intersection. All groups that have adopted a highway have a pick-up in March or April to support the Great American Clean up. There are a few logistical details to decide over the coming meeting and two Pub Nights. However, we have our date. So mark the calendar, put a reminder on your cell phone or just plain save the date.

Come be a part of the first Highway clean-up and a big group picture under out sign. Oh! I nearly forgot, the wonderful announcement I mentioned at the top – we finally got approved, the sign is up.

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