LFS Meeting Minutes – Monday, 3/4/2013

Approximately 18 people attended the LFS Meeting held Monday, 3/4/2013 at 6pm at Isaac’s Restaurant, Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA.

Scott discussed his work with the Secular Coalition (lobbying organization) including arrangements for a luncheon with Richard Dawkins on 3/12 in Philadelphia. Lunch will be held at a colonial tavern and will include 4-courses. The event is $300/ticket. Intended to be a small group discussion, members will be able to converse with Dawkins as he gets a feel for the political landscape in Pennsylvania. Secular Coalition flyers were made available at the front of the room for interested parties.

Member Reports

Dan Mercer – Charity Director

Saturday, 3/9, LFS will volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  All spots are covered, but interested parties should notify Dan.  Dan solicited three volunteers for a 3/30 volunteer session. 


Claire Larson – Secretary

21-22 persons attended the most recent Pub Night at Loxley’s Restaurant, Lancaster.  Attendees were given a private room, but commented that table arrangement made socialization difficult. 


Beginning in March, Ask an Atheist events will be scheduled monthly, (per recent board decision).  Scott Rhoades provided clarification regarding AaA:

10 or 11am start downtown with sign on the square

we should not consider ourslves alone in a sea of believers- they are not a cohesive group

AaA is not intended to be a debate session, but an invitation to people to ask questions.  Attendees may answer at will.

Attendees were encouraged not to, “gang-up” since others who approach us do so as a minority- we should not appear belligerent

bringing folding chairs is recommended

Use of the Socratic method may be helpful, i.e., asking instead of telling while the other party waits their turn to speak

stay calm and consider your presence there as a member of LFS, not as an individual. 


State Atheist/Humanist Conference – 9/13-15 in Philadelphia

Embassy Suites will host and offer $120/night room accommodations, (rooms include two beds and a couch, plus breakfast and happy hour)

Tickets will be $113 and include meals – reference the Meet-Up site for more info

Speakers to include Jamila Bey, Katie Seagel, (Australian singer), George Hrab, and a representative of the JamesRandi Foundation.  The conference will include a Humanist and an American Atheist panel. 

A $60-80/night budget hotel is located in the vicinity.

Discussion – 10 Commandments-styled lists for atheists, (three discussed):


1) Bertrand Russel’s Liberal Decalogue

2) Alaine Dey Patan (Swiss expat philosopher/writer in Britain, proposed athrist temple) – 10 Commandments/Suggestions

3) 12 Virtues of Rationality – Eliza Yokowski


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