LFS Board Meeting – 2/17/2013

Dan Mercer, Scott Rhoades, Claire Larson and Craig Clearwater met at 10am on Sunday, 2/17/2013 for an LFS Board Meeting. Attendees gathered at the hookah lounge, but moved to Fractured Prune when the lounge was found closed until 10:30.

Scott discussed continued review of incorporations documents.

Scott discussed that the LFS treasure includes $657, (mostly comprised of membership fees and Zazzle/online t-shirt sale profits. Incorporation fee will be $125. LFS will need to obtain/budget for a PO box pre/post incorporation.

Other budgeted items:

MeetUp site: $70/six months, (PAN pays $30)

Donations to LFS are non-tax deductible pre-incorporation.

Scott discussed that post-incorporation, we will refine the by-laws and share them with the membership.

Scott discussed that generic LFS business cards may be produced for group members to promote the group. 

Scott may need some office supply subsidization- esp of printer ink. 

The WordPress site cost is covered. 

Scott is unaware of another other known regular expenses, other than that we should try to maintain an approx. $2,000 emergency fund, if possible.

Scott discussed that other freethought groups maintain revenue differently.  PAN, for instance, has a treasury totally approximately $10,000.  Margaret Downey’s group in Philadelphia retains only around $400, (spending money as they get it). 


2013 Atheist/Humanist Conference – Philadelphia, PA

Board members discussed that LFS will likely provide a 2013 conference donation of $100, (consistent with last year’s amount). 

The 2013 conbference attendance fee is likely to be $100.  Groups from New Jersey and other nearby stated should be attracted to this event. 

The 2014 confered location will likely be Pittsburgh. 


Scott discussed that the LFS MeetUp side includes ~200 members, (with a few adds/departures monthly).  Scott encouraged Board Members to plug the monthly LFS meetings at Pub nights. 
Dan Mercer – Charity Director

Dan discussed that Lisa Mercer volunteered at the Lancaster Women’s WInter Shelter recently.  LFS has been active in supporting this organization, (which will be in place until April/May).  LFS will consider another volunteer night at shelter, then seek another chairty to support in spring.  The WWS is supported by the Council of Churches- LFS volunteers since the mission is in line with our secular viewpoint.     

Dan is planning another HFH Restore volunteeer event for Saturday, 3/9. 

Dan will continue to pursue highway clean-up opportunities through the DOR.  Dan will call this week.


LFS intends to hold Ask an Atheist on a monthly basis downtown.  The Board will take responsibility for staffing these events.  At the March meeting, Scott will discuss forming a committee to plan this event in 2013.  The organizer should bring a copy of the rules document on paper.  An emergency back-up person may be designated. 

Board Member Paul Rothrock is moving away soon, but may still be available to assist with the LFS web site, (IT). 

Scott discussed that LFS should eventually name a Vice President- but it cannot be Claire (Secretary), or Craig, (Treasurer). 

Scott discussed using FGO FB page for idea discussion.  Scott and Brian Fields (PAN) are working on an FAQ page for FGO.  Scott is also initiating a PA Freethought Group Organizers group- separate from FGO. 

ZGroup members discussed that Paul has been maintaining the LFS Twitter account.  Claire expressed an interest in helping with the account. 

Board members will solicit local speakers from outside the group for presentations at meetings. 


Upcoming activities:


Lancaster Gay ride Festival

other local festivals and parades as we become aware of them- we may consult PAN’s list

LFS may sponsor a contest for paid tuition to Camp Invention or Camp Quest.  Claire will gaterh info regarding Camp Quest, Scott on Camp Invention, to present at the March LFS Meeting.


Dan will locat online links to incorporation documents and share these on the LFS Board page.


Claire discussed that the most recent LFS Pub Night was attended by more than 25 people.  Claire will try to book a private room at Loxley’s- since the group is commonly very large. 

Next board meeting agenda: Discuss incorporation documents, fundraising activities.

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