Meeting Minutes – 2/4/2013

A meeting of the Lancaster Freethought Society was held on Monday, 2/4/2013, at 6pm at Isaac’s Restaurant, Manehim Pike, Lancaster, PA. Approximately 19 persons were in attendance.

Scott Rhoades discussed LFS membership benefits, (e.g., paid membership is not required to attend meetings, although certain priveleges are extended to members including the ability to vote and to borrow books from the library, (one month check-out).

The next PA State Atheist/Humanist conference will be held September 13-15 in Philadelphia. Margaret Downey’s group will host a Friday the 13th party for $13 on 9/13, (as part of the conference). The 2014 conference will likely be held in Pittsburg. Attendees were told to check tghe conference’s FB page for updates concerning event hotel & venue, (or As in 2012, a block rate (~$120/night) will be offered for hotel accommodations). “Big name” speakers are being solicited for the event, (slated to end at some point during the afternoon on Sunday). Margaret Downey’s Freethought Society will be the official sponsor. Volunteer assistance is welcome. Tickets will be $100, (to include meals- daily breakfast-lunch-dinner).

Current Events

Scott referenced the recent case of a congresswoman from Louisiana’s expression of shock when school vouchers were used in Muslim schools.  The senator made allusion to state funded terrorism.  Americans United and SeCOR continue to try to educate regarding church/state mixing. 


PRESENTATION : Atheism and Christianity from a Psychotherapist’s Perspective

(The following are Claire Larson’s observations of material presented by Craig Clearwater, not a complete transcript of material presented.  Observations of attendees may vary.) 

LFS Treasurer Craig Clearwater presented regarding identified worldviews of Verifiable Truth, (i.e., is information verifiable/falsifiable), and Utility, (i.e., how useful an idea is to its believer) and how these combine in various proportion, (with reference to the story of Oedipus).  Faith gives access to high utility ideas, (for ex., an afterlife).  And while it’s not possible to disput personal experience, one can dispoute an intellectual claim.  Attendee’s discussed Craig’s question, “Is there a time when utility should trump truth?”  Craig discussed that christians observe how non-believers conduct themselves, and summarized his discussion with statements to the  effect that skeptics of reason and science state that these things are human-constructs, (and therefore flawed).  Luckily for humans, God is perfect, and has revealed himself to us.  Therefore, (in some POVs), it makes sense that some of religion does not make sense….

Craig referenced, “The Way of the Master” by Ray Comfort

Scott briefly-discussed, “coming-out” as an atheist to friends and family, suggesting that- in some cases- perhps it’s better not to officially, “come-out”.  Don’t hide, but no need to announce. 

Scott discussed his capacity outside of LFS with the Secular Coalition For America.  Pamphlets were distributed.

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