LFS Meeting – Monday, 1/7/2013

Approximately 12 people attended a meeting of Lancaster Freethought Society held Monday, January 7, 2013 at Isaac’s Restaurant on Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA.

New Business
Scott discussed that Samantha Murphy has left the board and Craig Clearwater has been voted-in.

Claire Larson provided an event overview. Scott elaborated on the Winter Women’s Shelter volunteer effort.

Scott discussed interfaith outreach, stating that LFS is contemplating doing more in the future- assuming common goals and no prosletyzing (spelled-out).

2013 Planning

Ask an Atheist

Scott emphasized taking a non-conforntive, “psychological edge”/Socratic method approach, moving lengthy conversations to the side.  The purpose of holding Ask an Atheist events is to dispel myths/misconceptions regarding atheism.  LFS will attempt to schedule 3-4 of these events in the upcoming year. 

Solstice Parties

Atheist/Humanist Conference

Quick organization efforts in 2012 resulted in a 120+ attendee conference. 

Science festival for children – emphasizing science and critical thinking.

Attend public festivals/parades

Guest speakers

Scott reiterated LFS’ foremost emphasis: community.

On 1/16, Scott will be speaking at the Dayspring Christian Schoolk’s World Views Conference.  Katie SHeetz and David Kolesar will join him for this event.  Scott connected the organizing teacher with representatives of the Muslim faith and the Buddhist POV.  Scott discussed that the organizer was happy to have a representative of atheism/humanism.  Scott will be given 5 minutes to summarize his worldview, then will be available for a two hour Q&A session.  Scott stated that he plans to explain atheism as a response to the event’s solicitation of worldview, and will emphasize Humanism.


Attendees distributed two NY Times articles:


1) The Blessing of Atheism

A discussion of how atheists are consoled differently vs. believers when affected by trajedy.

2)  A Critical Response to Humanism

Where were humanists when trajedy struck, (at Sandy Hoook School)?  Per Scott, some criticism may be fair- churches handle community well.  Some discussion was held in re: what can the atheist community offer?  In many cases, we lack the funds and cohesion necessary to react as a group. 

Scott ended the meeting with a reasing: Oration at a Child’s Grave by Robert Ingersoll

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