Board Meeting – 1/6, 11am, Pillar Lounge, Lancaster, PA

Scott Rhoades, Claire Larson and Paul Rothrock attended an LFS Board Meeting on 1/6.

Attendees approved addition of Craig Clearwater as a Board Member. 

Claire will bring applications to the upcoming LFS meeting so that memberships may be renewed.  (Post incorporation, dues will be renewed in March.) 

2013 Planning

Claire will prepare a list of 2012 “bullet point” LFS events from 2012.

Scott will update the mission statement listed on the web site with emphasis on LFS’ focus on community, charity, avoiding any, “militant” image. 

The Prudhomme’s case addressed by member John Wolff with the Human Rights Commission was resolved in 2012.  Member Heather Abbatto recently noticed a local yogurt place offering a church bulletin discount.  Going-forward, LFS will avoid contact with local newspapers regarding such cases until a letter & invitation to talk has been issued, (to avoid publicity-driven responses).

Another conference will be held in 2013, probably in Philly.  Brian and Scott will work with Margaret Downey & Carl Silverman on the arrangements.  Scott noted Carl Silverman had expressed disappointment in a lack of Philadelphia-area representation at the 2012 conference. 

More Ask an Atheist events will be scheduled. 

Charity Efforts

Dan Mercer will continue to aggressively-pursue participation in the Adope a Highway program.

LFS will continue to partner with First Interfaith/Council of Churches to support the Lancaster Winter Women’s Shelter.  Scott discussed how local church facilites are used week to week, also the YWCA basement & gym.  Offered shifts are 6:30-9:30, overnight, (9:30-1:30, 1:30-AM).  Assistance processing check-ins and general area supervision is needed.  Volunteers are guaranteed 6 hours sleep. 

LFS will try to participate in more festivals, (such as 2012’s Gay Pride).  Public festivals must allow our participation- LFS administration will be on the lookout for opportunities. 

LFS intends to hold family events for kids, (pizza and movie nights), also to encourage participation in local family activities offered through the county park and the North Museum. 

LFS intends to solicit meeting speakers, internal and external to the group.  .

By-laws for 501C3 incorporation will require further revision in 2013.


Claire to announce 1/19 Pub Night on Meet-Up, (confer with Dan Mercer/cancel room, if necessary). 

On 1/16, Scott will present to a Christian school on, “Worldviews Day”.

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