2012 Activity List

by Claire Larson on January 15, 2013

In addition to Pub Nights, (typically held on the third Saturday of the month), and Monthly Meetings, (typically held on the first Mondays of the month), and Board Meetings, the following activities/outreach efforts were undertaken by LFS in 2012:



March – 3/24 Reason Rally

April – 4/14 Ask an Atheist, downtown Lancaster


June – 6/16 Lancaster Gay Pride Festival; 6/30 Summer SOlstice Picnic

July – 7/21 Ask an Atheist


September – 9/8 Habitat for Humanity Restore; 9/22 Forage for PawPaw; 9/29-30 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference

October – 10/17 – ELANCO School District – monitor for church/state separation violations (CANCELLED); 10/27 – Ask an Atheist

November – 11/24 Habitat for Humanity Restore; 11/29 ACLU Year of the Bible discussion at Midtown Bookstore, Harrisburg, PA – attended by some LFS members)

December – 12/15 – Solstice/Zombie Party

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