Reason Rally 2012 Schedule and Tips

The Reason Rally finally released a tentative schedule and some tips for those going.


Arrive early for a good spot, like 9:00 AM.
Wear a hat and bring sunscreen.
Pack your lunch and a snack to eat and bring them with you.
Bring Handi-wipes or other sanitary hand-washing items.
Pack enough water to last all day.
Wear comfortable shoes, because you’ll probably be standing the whole time.
Bring a folding chair or a new, clean trash bag to sit on, if you do want to sit down (and to help clean up after the event).
Wet weather gear, just in case.


10:00 am Music and videos
10:15 am Andy Shernoff
10:30 am Ronelle Adams
10:40 am Shelley Segal
11:00 am G Graffin / National Anthem
11:05 am Military Ceremony
11:15 am Paul Provenza
11:20 am Welcome Ceremony
11:25 am Hemant Mehta
11:35 am Jessica Ahlquist
11:45 am Jesse Galef
11:50 am Adam Savage
12:00 pm Greta Christina
12:10 pm Taslima Nasrin
12:25 pm D. Silverman / AA
12:30 pm Penn Jillette (video)
12:35 pm Tim Minchin
01:15 pm Fred Edwords
01:20 pm Jamie Killstein
01:30 pm Jamila Bey
01:40 pm PZ Myers
01:55 pm Bill Maher (video)
02:00 pm Indra Zuno (Spanish)
02:10 pm Annie Laurie Gaylor
02:15 pm Dan Barker (piano)
02:25 pm Victor Harris (poetry)
02:30 pm Hitchens Tribute (video)
02:35 pm Nate Phelps
02:45 pm Sean Faircloth
02:50 pm Liz Cornwell
02:55 pm Richard Dawkins
03:10 pm Christina Rad
03:20 pm Rational Warrior
03:30 pm Herb Silverman
03:35 pm Stark (video)
03:45 pm Harkin (video)
03:45 pm Michael Shermer
03:50 pm James Randi
04:00 pm Ron Lindsay
04:05 pm Eddie Izzard
04:25 pm Roy Speckhardt
04:30 pm Lawrence Krauss
04:40 pm Todd Stiefel
04:55 pm Bad Religion
05:45 pm Greg Graffin
06:00 pm Close and Hugs
07:24 pm Sunset

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  1. Stephen Diehl says:

    Thank you LFS for this schedule!

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