Winter Solstice Party – December 17th

Come join us for our first annual Winter Solstice Party! One of our member families have graciously offered their home in the Millersville area to host our year end bash. This will be a potluck event and will be on Saturday, December 17th from 5pm to until we decide to stop or our host’s kick us out. Bring a hot or cold dish, appetizer, finger food, snack, or beverages (soft drink or alcoholic) and help us celebrate the beginning of winter and the start of the earth’s trip back towards the warmth of the sun.

RSVP IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO ATTEND THIS EVENT! Directions will be provided to those that RSVP. Please let us know how many will be attending with you.

Guests and family are welcome but our hosts ask you limit the age of children that attend to those that are 5 years of age and up. They have dogs, two of which will be loose during the party and they asked me to relay the following:

Our furry family members generally like people, however, they need time to get used to strangers and have their own separate personalities. Two of them are rescues and large, noisy crowds can be a bit intimidating. We ask that you respect their space,
as they should respect yours.
PLEASE: Dont yell/scream at the dogs-talk softly to them. Let them come to you. Let them sniff your hand.
Rub them with long even strokes, no hard patting. Don’t chase the dogs or pull their tail. Dont put your face in the dogs face. Don’t feed the dogs. If you want to give treats, ask Lisa or Danny and they will assist you with this.
Parents, please instruct and keep an eye on small children who are head level with our dogs. For the most part, they will probably get licked in the face. HOWEVER, as a general rule with ANY canine, small children (unless raised with that dog) can be intimidating to them, and may present a bite risk. If the dogs invade your space and you dont want them close to you (for any reason), speak a strong,stern “NO” or “LEAVE IT”. You have the right to not have any dog “get fresh” with you. THANK YOU.

Given these requests you can decide whether or not it is appropriate to bring your 5+ children to the party. If you do, a big screen TV and playstation will add to your children’s enjoyment. There is also an open patio is available to smokers. I look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the Winter Solstice with stimulating and enjoyable company.

Please RSVP through or rsvp(at)

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